Podcast, anyone?

I've been toying with the idea of doing a podcast for a while now. The two considerations, as I see them, are (a) having something to say that people will want to engage with, and (b) having a technical set up that makes it easy to create and publish a podcast.

I've decided to put the cart before the horse and look at the tech side of it first. (It may transpire no one will ever want to listen to what I have to say, but at least I'll know how to do it even if no one cares!).

As a starting point, I've been looking at the Anchor app. It seems like a relatively simple place to start: it's an app on my phone that lets me create, edit (kind of) and publish a podcast. All from my phone! I'd say that within about 10 minutes of installing the app, I had recorded and published my first cast, which the app can push to iTunes and most other podcast syndication systems. The content of course is not up to much, as it's just a "getting started, trying things out" kind of episode, but the tech seems easy to use.

What I like about Anchor is that other users can "call-in" to my station, which means they can leave a voicemail message (up to 1 minute) for me. I can then choose to publish that, with a response, or reply directly with a voicemail of my own. You could think of it as an audio version of twitter, in a way.

A new addition (in the last week or so) to the functionality of Anchor is video. This essentially transcribes your audio into a rolling subtitle type of video which I guess would be a good way to share podcasts via something like Instagram. I found that I had to edit about 25% of the words, which was probably due to my accent and speed of talking. If the episode was more than a couple of minutes long, that could be a tiresome pursuit. Here is my first attempt at this:

As far as what exactly I'll do with the podcast, I have no idea! I'll experiment a bit more with Anchor first and then try out a few episodes to see where it takes me.

You can find my podcast on iTunes at this link, or just do a search for "As I Was Saying" in your favourite podcast app.

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